Mapping the Past

Pastmapper is a platform for organizing, displaying and interacting with historical information.

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1853 San Francisco

Based on an 1853 US Coast Survey map and business listings from the A.W. Morgan's San Francisco City Directory. Flip between 2013 and 1853 and explore changes in coastlines, and street layouts. Zoom in and check out saloons, blacksmith and famous landmarks from the Gold Rush era.

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Pastmapper iOS App

Explore restaurants and bars from a bygone past. Use your iOS device to explore business listings from the 1960s. Available for San Francisco, Oakland, Boston, Minneapolis. Also featuring every Las Vegas hotel and casino from 1900-2010.

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60 Years of Greenwich Village

Pastmapper, in collaboration with The Creating Digital History class at New York University, has captured complete census records for West 9th Street in Manhattan from 1880 through 1940, as well as building history information. Every person, along with their occupation, sex, age, nationality, and other details, are included in an easily navigable map, with clickable building outlines linked to lists of the residents from each year.

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Pastmapper, Brad Thompson 2013